Service Level Agreement

(Last Updated: August 14th, 2016)

EZCNAM's CNAM service is guaranteed to be available 99.99% of the time every month. If EZCNAM does not meet this guarantee, you will be eligible to receive service credits to your prepaid account balance, as described below.

99.99% Availability

The 99.99% availability means no more than 4 minutes 23 seconds of unavailability per calendar month. This will be calculated by adding the total number of minutes of unavailability for each qualifying incident during a particular month.

Defining Unavailability

Our CNAM service will be considered unavailable when it is inaccessible for more than a 60 second interval of time, due to a failure of our equipment, utilities (Internet service, electricity, etc), and/or personnel.

A period of unavailability is excluded from the service level guarantee, and will not count towards unavailability calculations for purposes of service credits, if:

  • the unavailability is due to scheduled maintenance, provided we notify you at least 3 days in advance;
  • you are in breach of our terms of service, or your services agreement with us, as applicable (including your payment obligations to us), or the unavailability is otherwise due to your actions;
  • the unavailability is caused by factors outside of our reasonable control, including a force majeure event; internet access problems; blocking, filtering or censorship of our services by a government or other third party, denial of service and other such third party attacks, or other problems beyond our services.

Service Credits

Service credits are awarded as follows for any given month:

Total minutes of Unavailability Percentage of total usage fees for the month
0 minutes to 4 mins, 22 seconds0%
4 mins, 23 seconds to 20 minutes10%
Over 20 minutes20%

To receive a credit, you must contact EZCNAM within 30 days following the end of the unavailability, and include the dates and times of unavailability. If we confirm that the uptime percentage in a month covered by your request is below 99.99%, we will issue you the service credit. Service credit is added to your prepaid balance, and cannot be exchanged for or converted to monetary compensation. The maximum service credit that we will issue for downtime in a month is 20% of your total usage fees for that month.

This Service Level Agreement is your sole and exclusive remedy (and our sole liability) for unavailability of our services.